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Our credo “quality is just-in-time” and this is characterized our relation to the business.

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You can conclude the Partner agreement with us and receive discount from 5% to 10%.
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Our company always is open to cooperate with professionals. Please send your CV to: cv@wordex.kz
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Company awards

Company awards

Translation agency “WORDEX” works at the services market on translation from foreign languages since 1998...

Centras Insurance

Centras Insurance

Voluntary insurance of professional responsibility for infliction of harm in connection with implementation of...

Payment rules

Payment rules for individuals:

1. Executor (WORDEX) starts to execute the Order (this is the text of documents and/or materials subject to translation in hard copy or in electronic copy (floppy disk 3,5”, CD-R (RW) disk)...

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Rules of payment for legal bodies:

1. Executor starts to execute the Order under the condition of full advance payment by the Customer in amount of not less than 60% of the full cost of services determined by the Executor as of the...

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