What is a standard document?

Standard documents are:
– passport (passport of citizen, vehicle registration document and etc.):
– certificates of (birth, marriage, divorce, death);
– statements of a standard pattern (of family structure, clean record, incomes, address statements and etc.);
– driving licenses, technical certificates;
– apostille seal on separate pages;
– diplomas, certificates, merit certificates and etc.;
– extracts from the state register of registration of property rights to immovable property, house registers, and etc.;
– statement (consents for departure);

Standard documents are not:

– power of attorneys, contracts, agreements;
– medical statements, conclusions, abstracts of medical record;
– court conclusions, business and financial correspondence;
– letter of guarantee, autobiographies;
– technical passports of equipment and household devices;
– diplomas issued abroad;
– annotations to medicines.

How to know how many symbols are in your document?

If you grant the document in electronic form that it is possible to find out the number of symbols by option of symbol calculation (in Microsoft Word – menu Service – Statistics, value without gaps; in Open Office – menu Service – Number of words – Whole document – Symbols)
Stated value is required to divide by 1800 and multiply by cost of one standard page. This cost is stated in our price-list.
If you grant the document for translation in hard copy or scanned form that manager will help you to calculate the translation cost. However, a precise calculation of the number of pages can be only in electronic version of finished translation.